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Writing Night

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Nov. 18th, 2009 | 07:09 pm

All right, so my general course of action is to wake up at 11, waste a bunch of time, go running , eat, and then go to work, come home, maybe write a bit, veg in front of Sportscenter and Adult Swim a bit, waste time/eat if I'm hungry, read, sleep, repeat. When I was briefly unemployed, I ended up waking at the same time, then eating, reading, and writing for a couple hours before evening activities settled in. What was the secret to this?

I feel sure that if I had full days where I could write or not write at leisure, as I did in my most productive college days, I could regain full productivity. I am still able to get writing in at night -- I've been untangling some manifold narrative problems in "At First" as well as adding about a thousand words, and I'll probably be able to edit well poetry and the like at night as well; maybe recopying to suss out particularly entrenched issues -- but not nearly as much as I need to, as my material and I deserve. That will likely remain unchanged.

Over the past couple of weeks, even when I've had a set schedule and not placated my depression by such as getting drunk on Tuesday, I've noticed that I still have trouble getting right up at 11 on Tuesday morning. I had a little issue with that this morning, but it wasn't nearly as late as it often is on Tuesday and was likely more due to me being a little dehydrated/slightly malnourished than anything. A monkeywrench from Diesel with an Odwalla smoothie helped my attitude immeasurably, until I discovered the Red Line was going to be an asshole on this day of days.

So instead of fighting my apparent necessity of sleeping in on Tuesday, I'm going to aid it along. I hate running at night, so I won't be sleeping until the standard 90 minutes before work as is customary throughout society, seemingly regardless of start time, but I will be sleeping later. I will abet this by also sleeping later on Monday. Since Monday is one of my rest days from running even when I'm at my full five-days-a-week schedule, I will sleep right up until 1:30; enough time to shave, shower, hop on the T either eating a sandwich along the way or grabbing one in South Station. That night, instead of turning off the light at 0300, I'll use this time to write with a feeling of open-endedness that I felt when I was staying at Josef's. Or read more extensively. Or edit more extensively. Or anything writing-related that I feel I need to get done.

I immediately realize that there will be a few hurtles in this that are schedule-based. I'm planning on coming home from a weekend with the family on next Monday, so that'll be right out; even if I end up staying late that night, I'd be too exhausted to write effectively. But this week will be the dry test run. Additionally, this upcoming Tuesday I don't have to work, so I'll wake up whenever I damn feel like it, run, eat, then write/read until night-time activies; I think folk are arranging trivia at the Tam. Maybe it's best to ease into this schedule anyway.

My goal is to have a first draft of the full installation of "Scottish Prometheus" by the end of November. It's about a third written on the page, haven't got the central clock, haven't tried to read it as a narrative hyper-text. Saturdays, Monday nights and, hopefully when I get a head of steam, during the days before or after running. Wish me luck.

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from: rainingfordays
date: Nov. 19th, 2009 12:27 am (UTC)

I find that I'm not able to stick to a schedule the day after a night of drinking.

Have you considered waking up at the same time everyday? It can help with getting a move on.

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from: arrowintwolakes
date: Nov. 19th, 2009 12:36 am (UTC)

Well, as I pointed out above, my set schedule is waking at 1100. Even Saturdays, even Sundays. Mondays are sometimes a little later because I do tend to drink more on Sundays than other days, but not much later. The issue seems to be that I get home and just waste time. I feel (am hoping) that having a designated, stretched-out time (it would end up effectively being five hours) where there are no distractions whatsoever -- there's nothing on tv, no one's online that late -- will help jump start me a bit.

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