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arrowintwolakes's Journal

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3 November 1982
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Masters of the Universe

Ramses shuffles a proud and long-haired Gaze
into a gilded Mirror standing naked and ashamed
before the Mighty newly penitent King. His eyes
regally Laugh from his god-kissed face, favored
in the laps of the Nile, the necks of Syria, the prone
peace-forced beds of Jordan. In his Ears ring sounds
of Conquests remembered like Sirius winds, golden
Coital gasps, studious whip-welted chisels erecting
his Posterity, and the slipping of god's Eye into the
harrowed Nile; all mingled with the roar of some
other god's pillar of Fire, sparkling Waters
murmuring from a parted sea.

He touches the Mirror and shifts its stance to catch
Ra's glinting smile, the City below. How Mighty
do his Pillars untoppled guard the resenting Desert,
his newly benevolent Face strong-shouldered
on Stone four stories high! Ramses closes his eyes
against the Crimson smile of Ra, Knowing it also
shines happily on the unflooded Plains; he
dreams himself beside the flowing Water, Reeds
shivering in the Heat, Osirises silent pull
when he rests his Hand in the River.
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